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Terms of sale

Italtecnica si riserva il diritto, ferme restando le caratteristiche essenziali dei prodotti descritti, di apportare in ogni momento le eventuali modifi che che ritenesse necessarie o utili per motivi tecnici o commerciali.

Orders are valid only when regularly confirmed in written form by our sales department.

DELIVERIES: The delivery terms stated on our order confirmation are always to be considered as approximate terms, but never as bending ones: buyer can not cancel the order. Furthermore we are out of any liability in case of any loss or damage caused by a delayed supply.

CUSTOMS OPERATIONS: Furtherly to the lycence obtained by the competent Customs Body (“Procedura Semplificata Aut. del 28/03/2003 n. VE-114/IM”), the Italian Customs clearing operations are completely handled and invoiced by our export department.

CLAIMING: We accept any claim if communicated within 8 (eight) days from the exact date of goods’ collection. PAYMENT: Invoices are to be punctually settled. Otherwise, once matured and not settled yet, we are going to require the total invoice amount plus the interest calculated up to the effective settlement date. Moreover we underline that any delayed invoice settlement will allow us to suspend, without any warning, any outstanding supply. In case of legal controversy, the only recognized jurisdiction place is the law-court of Padova (Italy).

WARRANTY: The warranty is valid for a period of 12 months starting from the pur-chase date. The warranty is acknowledged if the items have been duly installed, checked and tested before starting the system. Installation must be carried out according to our technical instructions and to the National safety standards. Warranty is declined and all responsabilities are charged to the fitter, when installation and test have not been performed complying with the aforementioned recommendations.

CATALOGUE VALIDITY: Italtecnica S.r.l. reserves the right to bring at any time any modification on their items as part of their policy of continuous products and market development, engaging to keep untouched the essential characteristics of the products described in the present catalogue.

GENERAL CONDITIONS: Buyer, issuing and placing us a purchase order, accepts unconditionally all our above stated clauses.


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